Bali Wedding Party is a professional and certified Bali Wedding planner and organizer. We serve with the best wedding packages in Bali.
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"Create your awesome wedding in bali with a professional wedding arranger"

bali wedding party services are to planning, organizing and serve with the best wedding packages in bali

Get Married In Bali

Getting married in Bali with a legal wedding ceremony or non-legal wedding ceremony is popular with both foreign and local couples and what better place could be chosen than an island of such beauty and magic, the Island of the Paradise.

Bali is part of the Republic of Indonesia and is subject to Indonesian Laws. Every couple considering getting married in Bali must comply with these Laws.

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Our Commitment

Our commitment is to create your important dream of your live to become reality. Personalize your wedding day with affordable budget, perfect timing, and amazing atmosphere.

“Delivering our promises with strive to the quality!”


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 Our Commitment

Costumer Testimonials

David & Bonnie
We couldn’t have got a better wedding planner - you and your team did everything superbly.  The preparation, ceremony and banquet went without a single problem and your team made Bonnie feel and look like the incredibly beautiful bride that she is.  The photos and video were done expertly and we have had so many people tells us how beautiful they are.  In short – everything was perfect.

Some comments about our services, read more : Costumer Testimonials

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