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balinese wedding

Balinese Wedding ceremony is unforgettable momentum for the human being where the procession is followed by Hindu rituals – “is in Bali Island only…”


Bali is all about tradition, religion and ceremony, governed under a system known as adat. For a Balinese person there are important annual and family ceremonies. The biggest one being marriage. When a Balinese couple get married it usually means the girl is pregnant, then gets married to her boyfriend. In fact many Balinese men will not marry a girl until she proves he can get pregnant. It simply means the girl is capable of having kids and that she and her husband will be locked into the Balinese family cycle of making kids and attending ceremonies.
Marriage is an important aspect of Balinese society and governed strictly by the custom and religious rules. Marriage is important for Balinese since only married man has the full right and obligation to the society. Based on Balinese tradition the purpose of marriage is to give freedom and to set limit to the romance and sexual activities in the society which greatly affect the harmony of the society.


When a Balinese person gets married it must be done the ‘proper way’ which means in front of the whole village. If a man is living in his own place it will be at his house, if not at the home of his parents, the new wife moving in immediately. For a westerner finding himself in the situation of having a pregnant Balinese partner there are 3 options; Marriage, fleeing the island for good, or await the anger of her male relatives. Its a big deal.


The traditional ceremony usually begins in the morning, and attended by the families, relatives, clan members of both sides and the hamlet or village members of the groom. The attendees of this traditional wedding ceremony are invited by sending package of food and verbal invitation to the house of each attendee a day prior to the ceremony. this gift is reciprocated by the attendee by giving a package of gift which consists of rice, sugar, coffee, and sometimes completed with cloth. The traditional wedding ceremony usually last until late in the afternoon.


The wedding reception is usually held early in the evening right after the traditional wedding ceremony is over or the day after. This wedding reception is attended by friends, colleagues, business partners, other acquaintances which are not invited to the traditional wedding ceremony. The attendees are invited by sending invitation cards and they also bring gift to the couple usually money inside an envelope; the gift is usually put in a decorated container on the reception table. This reception is western style, everyone wears ordinary clothes, the attendees are socializing and having fun there, buffet dinner is usually served.