Bali Wedding Party is a professional and certified Bali Wedding planner and organizer. We serve with the best wedding packages in Bali.

Wedding in Bali cost a lot of money for some couple mind during planning your . That is not totally right. There are lots of tips and options to create your memorable day in a beautiful tropical island in . is a professional Bali wedding planner that certainly will help you to assist and manage your wedding with your specific budget. For some example is creating a on the white sand beach. There spot at Candidasa Beach area, which is quite private where not a lot of tourist around with a beatiful scenery for your wedding location, or just pick a point at Jimbaran Bay beach for the location. These locations are definitely low cost budget, but do not lose the wedding intimacy itself. Second way is by selecting the catering menu from local restaurant, or hosting your wedding party at a restaurant instead of hotels. These will give you a lot of budget cutting, adn give better taste of the menu presented.

If you are looking for high private Bali wedding locations, you may go to for a wedding in Bali villa. , known for it’s wide range villas selections with wide range of budget. At the villas, you can manage your with some benefits:

  • You don’t have to purchase hotel accommodation as the villas already provided.
  • You don’t have to worry about the secrecy of your wedding, or it is hidden from public and it is presented for your own selection guest only.
  • You can bring outside catering with your own selection menus with your own specific budget.
  • You don’t need to worry for any extra charges just like the hotel or resorts did.
  • If the villas are big enough, you can accommodate your guest at the villas without finding outside hotel accommodations.
  • You can have your own wedding party until the late night without limitation of time like hotel did.

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