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Hand that held the bride’s bouquet and boutonniere is pinned on the jacket of the groom, one element that completes the bride and groom. Here are tips to choose a hand bouquet and boutonniere.

In choosing a hand bouquet and boutonniere, there are couples who choose it in accordance with the concept of color on the party, who voted it because the flowers are the favorite flowers, and some even chose it because pickup only. All the reasons were legitimate. In a talk show with bouquet specialist from EXQUISITE CFD Specialist Bridal Bouquet describes some tips for determining the success of the selection of hand bouquet and boutonniere for your wedding:

- Boutonniere or often called corsage are pinned on the jacket of the groom can be adjusted by choosing flowers that are used for the hand bouquet. Boutonniere always pinned in the left chest on jacket. Why? The reason given was simply, is that love comes from deep down the heart and the heart was in the left chest.
- At the bride suits usually already have a place to attach just like a pouch. For safety, use pins to keep them pinned properly. This pin is also useful when the bride jacket there is no special pouch for boutonniere.
- The groom, boutonniere/corsage would be better if prepared a few for wedding ceremonies and weddings. This is to avoid the appearance boutonniere damaged by friction caused by guests who give utterance to the way hug.
- Switch to a hand bouquet, it is now available a variety of hand bouquet in a variety of sizes. Flower diameter size is determined by the selected type of wedding gown. The more wide skirt that is used, the diameter of interest can be enlarged, and it is look more suitable with the wedding dress.
- In addition to grip or resting on the arm (arm bouquet), now there is also a hand bouquet of just hanging on the wrist. In addition to portability, the bride did not have to bother when you are running a wedding procession or receive congratulations from the guests.
- Arm bouquet is still a lot of weight was chosen because the bride flower bouquet is concentrated on the arms up to did not cause the hands get tired quickly.
- For color, with white dresses flowers of all colors can be selected. However, for color broken white dress, white should be avoided in the interest, because the color of the dress will look even bleaker when compared to the flower color.


Wedding in tropical island for example Bali Island, the bride and brides maid could try a local flower which is look more unique and match with the tropical garden where the wedding ceremony is held.